The concert is both energetic, full of humor, musical surprises and subtle, delicate. The repertoire is very diverse: band's own compositions, well known tunes in arrangements which are far from obvious, film music, improvisations... This makes the concert the most evident opportunity to see who and what SMALL INSTRUMENTS are!

Dziadowski blues zaangażowany
Oxygene 4


Three different artistic aesthetics joined up in one unique project. Premiere music material is the result of cooperation between the acclaimed artists Pierre Bastien who builds and plays prepared trumpet over the loops and sound from his diverse mechanical installations and Small Instruments performing on a set of over 200 different small instruments, soundable items and devices. The music is accompanied by expressive video projections created by Piotr Welk.

Pierre Bastien was born in Paris in 1953, post-graduated in eighteenth-century French literature at University Paris-Sorbonne. In 1977 he built his first musical machinery. For the next ten years he was composing for dance companies and playing with Pascal Comelade, in the meantime he was constantly developing his mechanical orchestra. Since 1987 he concentrates on it through solo performances, sound installations, recordings and collaborations with such artists as Pierrick Sorin, Karel Doing, Jean Weinfeld, Robert Wyatt or Issey Miyake.

Piotr Welk is a distinguished Polish graphic artist. Holds a post-graduate degree from Visual Arts Academy of Warsaw. Piotr teaches artistic creation multimedia workshop at Visual Arts Academy of Warsaw. His work is mostly created using computer. He tries to avoid ready solutions always looking for connections between different spheres of art and graphics. The computers programs written by Piotr are based on simple algorithms which create intricate graphic forms. His ideas are mathematical sentences which are portrayed in graphic symbolism.



J.J. Antonisz was one of the most interesting Polish avant-garde animation filmmakers. His non-camera animation technique and very original humor became the trademark of his art. He also composed very interesting and original music for the majority of his films.

The repertoire of this project consists of band's own arrangements of J.J. Antonisz film music. His characteristic way of merging marching band music and root Polish folk music created an interesting field for interpretation with small instruments. The mood created this way resembles home made production, the passion of family music making, togetherness and also the creativity of relentless builder of mechanical devices who Antonisz also was. The performance is supplemented by experimental electronic music excursions which the director would also tap into in his movies.

The music can be presented along the sceenings of J.J. Antonisz animated films or can also constitute a complete concert, reminding that the director was not only a brilliant filmmaker but also an excellent musician.

The premiere of this material took place at Era New Horizons Festival 2007 in Wrocław. The music accompanied full retrospective of the film work of J.J. Antonisz.

"Tysiąc i jeden drobiazgów"

"Jak nauka poszła w las oraz Jak to się dzieje pyta Agnisia, ze na ekranie widzimy misia"


Small Instruments
by Alexander Sroczyński

Music from Alexander Sroczyński films was a completely different experience for Small Instruments.

The music wasn't as colorful and homelike as compositions of J.J. Antonisz, but way more toned down and subtle just like the movies of Sroczyński - animated horror, brutal grotesque, and very visible influence of cold wave music of the '80s.

The director would compose and play some of the music to his films but other composers like Wilczyński, Suchdolski, Małecki would very often contribute as well.

The arrangements of Small Instruments are in some cases a thorough instrumentation of parts and in other cases only a small motif is used which then leads to group improvisation. A peculiar piece is a series of citations from the movie "I love feratunos" which was put together into one long composition and performed on 7 toy pianos and toy grand pianos.

The project was prepared for Sroczyński's film retrospective which took place within Era New Horizons Festival 2008.

Apteczka pierwszej pomocy


Kizi-Mizi 2007

Mariusz Wilczyński ("Wilk" [meaning Wolf]) is a young generation Polish animation filmmaker. His personal MoMa exhibition in 2007 brought him international recognition. Sometimes he composes soundtracks to his movies personally but most often he uses help of such renowned artists like Tomasz Stańko.

Wilk invited Small Instruments to a collective project after attending to the their performance at 60 Years of Polish Animation Gala. Small Instruments prepared their own tracks for his selected titles which are then played along with screened films. The film set and precomposed music is supplemented by animator's improvisations drawn and painted on a screen and accompanied by improvised music of the band.

Wilczyński's website -


Animation Epidemic is a joint project of very young artists from Children Film Factory along with their artistic mentors and Small Instruments. The Factory engages in production of really "grown-up" animated movies, Small Instruments with the same engagement pursue music using children-size instruments. The effect of this cooperation is a real multimedia event, in

which one art form infiltrates the other: animated movies, music, sounds played live and performances from the border of different media. The project was realized within the scope of the celebration of 60 years of Polish animation.
Scrap Raiders


The spectacle was prepared for the OFF competition of 29th PPA Festival in Wrocław, Poland.

Proving that converting sound into light is a still valid way of creating energy became the last goal of a group of six long time laborers at the old forgotten factory. Their essential tools are: small instruments and large sound-light machines.

The spectacle plunges into the illusory plot of the title "Sound Power Station" and is a daring combination of the working of sound mechanisms and compositions distinctive for the machine-like reality of the imaginary light factory. The large sized machines were made by the band within a 2 month period spent in a workshop using glass, metal wood and other materials.

"Sound Power Station" interview

PPA Festival 2008 Footage


Contemporary academic music movement focusing on group sound discovery and diverse genres of improvised music inclined Small Instruments to also search within this sound domain.

Precomposed loose forms or collectively developed responsive instrumental reactions lead to ever expanding musical discoveries.

The band creates surprising sound combinations, colorful soundscapes, energetic dialogues and these are only a couple of results born live during the experiments with small instruments. The sounds articulate the philosophy of the band not only entertain but also constitute an inexhaustible source of sound search, appreciated worldwide in the avant-garde music genre.

AudioArt 2007

Avant Music Festival 2008


"LA COQUILLE ET LE CLERGYMAN" 1928r. dir. Germaine Dulac - cast Alex Allin

"ENTR'ACTE" 1924r. dir. Rene Clair - cast Man Ray, Marcel Duchamp

"SAFETY LAST!" 1923r. dir. Fred C. Newmeyer, Sam Taylor - cast Harold Lloyd